Preventative Options for Optimal Health and Wellbeing! Holistic Healing

Preventative Options for Optimal Health and Wellbeing! Holistic Healing







  • Nutrition  for health, wellbeing, and weight loss
  • Meditation techniques
  • Reiki
  • Tapping
  • Positive Affirmations
  • and more .

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At Bee Your Healing Home practice we embrace a unique concept which involves educating our patients to live a healthy lifestyle and follow targeted habits to prevent disease & discomfort. Rose Santina Pizzi MSN, RN, ANP – BC  our professional team of caregivers utilize natural, alternative, holistic therapies. Our goal is to offer you the most reliable, high quality health organization that provides personalized, top-notch, compassionate health care designed to make YOU look and feel better each and every day. The key to our success has been treating the “WHOLE” patient and not just the symptoms. We are committed to helping you get well, stay well and live a healthy lifestyle.
In todays health management we consistently wait for a problem to arise and then treat only the symptoms within a 15 min. visit. The core of the problem usually is not addressed. Preventative methods, healthy options with education and support are time consuming so they are limited or nonexistent.The healing process begins when both the practitioner and patient understand,agree, and adhere to the treatment course chosen. This has been proven to have a stronger impact on changes in lifestyle’s and  increases  maximal potential for a healthier life and  avoidance of  illness and chronic disease formation.

Our Mission & Vision

Bee Your Healing Home was founded on the principles of offering customized, patient-focused preventative holistic healthcare. Our mission is to optimize our patients’ health situation by understanding their entire health picture and employing our extensive knowledge of holistic/ integrative therapies to improve our patient’s whole health. We believe in honest, open communication, prevention and wellness. We provide you with a customized health plan to nourish the mind, body and spirit which will fully engage the healing process and embrace overall lifelong health. We are committed to education and re-enforcement of those principles that are proven to yield a healthier you.

Path to Wellness

The role of the Nurse Practitioner in health care is changing and Integrative practice is a leading pioneer of progressive new holistic treatments. Team-based collaboration allows Bee Your Healing Home  to utilize our collective professional experience to design the ultimate health plan for you. We rely on years of clinical experience in traditional medicine and combine it with evolving natural, holistic and nutritional therapies to rejuvenate the human body and ward off disease. Lack of information impacts a client’s power to make aggressive, and autonomous choices that secure a healthier lifestyle body mind and spirit.I want clients to be able to  access these healing options, in a  welcoming, healing, community environment.

Facts about Our Preventative Holistic  Practice

  • Committed to our partnership with you to help improve your overall health
  • Passionate about understanding your medical history to ensure the proper solution
  • Employ a combination of conventional, natural & holistic principles to promote a healthier lifestyle and prevent disease
  • Offer a distinct patient-focused philosophy that treats the whole you…not just the symptoms
  • Focus on educating our patients with an emphasis on disease prevention
  • Strive to improve your overall health and well-being with attention to mind, body and spirit

What I have found is that with a little support, compassion coupled with knowledge an individual can take the first step to empower themselves, by Retreating, Reviving and Replenishing their bodies own natural defenses and healing properties. 

Are you ready to empower your body to do more of what it was made to do, heal? Your body is more powerful than you can imagine… filled with life, energy, and a compelling ability for self-healing, but it needs your help. With good Nutrition, Energy, and  Movement, you can give back  control, of that power, to your body. I wish you well and hope you join us to the next step to a healthier you.

Let us explore healthier options, We are excited to begin your journey of optimal health and wellbeing. Contact our professional staff today or email below for an appointment that will completely change your life and health.

Please use the comment box below or my email is:  if you have any questions.

Bee Your Healing Home is a  Holistic Preventative Options Practice for optimal health and wellbeing. Find out more in a free 15min. consultation.

Have a great day!! and
Bee well, with  kindness


“No Disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.” Maimonides


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